23 Apr 2019

How to Find the Right Sarnia Real Estate Agent

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How to Find the Right Sarnia Real Estate Agent

Narrow down the field of agents to find the best one

A Successful Sarnia Real Estate Agent is not successful because they can sell a home. They are successful because they provide great service.

Being a Sarnia real estate agent is all about providing the best service to your clients as possible. Regardless if you are the buyer or seller, real estate is less about ‘selling’ and more about the people. Think of when buying a car and how some salespeople want to “put you in this car today”. Have you ever heard a Sarnia real estate agent say they want you in this house today? If they are, they don’t have your best interest at heart.

Finding the right Sarnia real estate agent is challenging, but those who are successful, are, because of their customer service. It can take some time to find the right real estate agent to work with when buying or selling a home. You need good chemistry together, open communication and to feel comfortable with that person. At the end of the day, it’s your major financial decision, not theirs, so beware of real estate agents who are selling you someone else’s home. Ask yourself, who are they working for, the seller, the customer or themselves.

So, how do you find the right Sarnia real estate agent? Here are a few things to keep in mind in your search.

Does your Sarnia real estate agent come recommended?

A good Sarnia real estate agent makes a great impression with their clients through their level of customer service. Customers will think less of their ‘sales’ tactics, and more about how well the real estate agent served them. People use the same Realtor often because they become familiar with them and enjoy their service. Real estate agents who go above and beyond will get referred more often because they are exceeding their customer’s expectations.

If a family member or friend recommends someone to you, it means they left an impression. No one recommends a Realtor who didn’t follow through with their promises. If you’re looking for the right Sarnia real estate agent, ask your friends and family to see who they work with and ask why? More often than not, it will be because of their professional attitude and customer service. As opposed to how they ‘sold’ you on a property.

Does your Sarnia real estate agent communicate with you?

The Sarnia real estate market can be challenging, especially in these hot-market times. When dealing with a stressful market, buyers and sellers want to be in the know. They want a real estate agent with their finger on the pulse of what is happening and not one behind. If you can’t get ahold of your real estate agent, especially in a time-sensitive market, that’s opportunity you are missing out on.

Poor communication skills are one of the largest frustrations of buyers and sellers. Real estate is all about communication between many different parties, with your agent being the middle-man. They will speak to you, other agents, mortgage brokers, lawyers, home inspector, everyone in the process. Get an agent who is going to keep you in the loop and if anything, is proactive in communications. Even with bad news, you want a real estate agent who is going to give it to you straight, so you can move forward.

Are they client-motivated?

To find a great Sarnia real estate agent, find one that is focused entirely on you. A client-motivated real estate agent will listen to your needs and support you through the process. A real estate agent trying to sell you a home isn’t supporting you as a client. If they are Realtor-motivated, you may not be getting the best service you need during the most stressful times. Client-motivated real estate agents come highly recommended. They focus less on the sale and more on your needs and wants.

A good deal for you is a good deal for them. A client-motivated real estate agent is happier when their clients succeed. Happy clients refer more often because of the level of service and support they got. So, stick to a Sarnia real estate agent who is putting you at the top of their priority list. Those are the most successful real estate agents and the ones to work with.

Will they give you references?

If you want to see how good of a job a Sarnia real estate agent has done for others in the past, ask for references. A great agent should have no problem giving you a list of their latest clients. If they are hesitant to do so, it means they might not be as great as they seem.

Remember also, not all references are success stories. Just because a client didn’t find a house, or it didn’t sell, doesn’t mean it’s all on the agent’s shoulders. In fact, you can learn just as much from failure as from success. With so few houses on the market, failed homebuyers will have a lot to say about the lengths their agent went to in order to find a home. Did they stay in constant communications? Did they listen to their needs? Were they always focused on their client?

Real estate deals fall apart for a variety of reasons. Perhaps a home inspection came back with flaws and it was the real estate agent who pointed out concerns. That means the deal falls apart near completion, but the agent is still focused on their client, and not on the end goal of the commission.

Feel Confident with your Sarnia Real Estate Agent

Once you decide to work with an agent, you should be feeling confident and in good hands. They should make a great first impression and be ready to work hard for you. At Price & Associates, we go through a buyer’s and seller’s consult and give you an education in the real estate process. We want to deliver a great education to our clients in the entire process so that if nothing else, you walk away with that. But our approach has always been client-focused, which is why many of our clients continue to use us over and over again.

When finding the right Sarnia real estate agent, don’t be afraid to ask questions that matter to you. That is how you find the best fit for you. Not every agent has the same style, and you won’t find out what that is unless you ask questions. At the end of the day, the decision power on everything in a real estate deal is with you, and your agent is there to provide the best service, experience and expertise as possible.