23 May 2019

Why Petrolia Real Estate is a Great Option

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Why Petrolia Real Estate is a Great Option

If you’re looking for a small town to buy a home in, look at the Petrolia real estate market. It has all the amenities of a larger center like Sarnia but without the number of people. Now we aren’t talking getting away from populations of hundreds of thousands like you would find around the GTA. But going from around 70,000 in Sarnia to just under 6,000 in Petrolia can be a shock to some people. That’s because we often associate larger cities with more opportunities.

Consider that we spend the vast majority of our time in two places, at home and at work. For instance, between sleeping, relaxing, eating, and normal daily activities, what we do at home doesn’t change based on location. But when you do get free time, there is a desire to always look towards the large city centers for things to do. When in reality, there is a lot to do in your own backyard. So, before you decide to move, think of what the Petrolia real estate market has in store. And if you need more reasons to move to a smaller community, here are just a few options.

Petrolia real estate can be less expensive

Generally, smaller communities are less expensive to buy into. Because Sarnia is currently in a record-setting sales pace, many people are looking to communities outside it. Petrolia is a great option. Prices are moving up because of the low inventory in Sarnia. But it’s still possible to find great homes in Petrolia, without the wallet-busting price tag. A new development is on-going, older homes are available, and Petrolia has unique old-style homes to purchase.

Petrolia offers a slower pace of life

It’s often heard that the smaller the community, the slower the pace of life. With fewer people, there is less traffic and cars on the road. Petrolia has beautiful streets with plenty of trees, making it a place to go out and take a walk. Its downtown is full of shops and stores to stop into, great for weekend strolls. It’s just a little different life than you would get in a larger city. That’s not to say Sarnia is as busy as what something like Toronto would be. But for the most part, rural communities have a certain charm to them that is more relaxing.

Close-Knit Community

What you will find in Petrolia is a close-knit community of people. You only need to check out a Petrolia Squires game to see plenty of fans supporting local hockey. But it goes down to the shops and stores you enter and the people on the street. You get to know people a lot more than you would in a larger city. That’s because your connection to other people is tighter. There is a great chance that the stranger you run into is a friend of a friend. Or they are a neighbour from just around the corner. The truth is, buying into the Petrolia real estate market is like buying into a community that is an entire city.

Things to do in your community

You don’t need to make the drive into Sarnia to find things to do. However, if you buy Petrolia real estate, you need to know what is going on around you. What events is Petrolia known for and what do they have for entertainment. The first thing most people would point out is the famous Victoria Playhouse. The playhouse has plenty of plays, concerts and theatre productions to keep you satisfied all year. It’s a staple of the community, with plenty of history in itself. Check out their website to see what is coming soon.

For a history on the oil boom in the area, check out the Petrolia Discovery. Gain an education and history lesson about your community and what it meant to the oil industry. There is also the Heritage Heights Golf Course, an 18-hole course for golf lovers. And for those who love to hike, the Lorne C. Henderson Conservation Area is available as well.

The import thing is, you need to get out and see what a smaller community has to offer before you think you need to live in Sarnia.

Schools in Petrolia

For those with children needing to attend school, Petrolia has schooling options for them as well. There is the Hillcrest Public School, Queen Elizabeth II Public School and Lambton Centennial Public school for elementary school students. And there is also St. Philip’s Separate School for those whose children attend Catholic school. And also, Petrolia has a high school, L.C.C.V.I. which is a large high school for a small town. But it comes with plenty of tradition, including homecoming football games.

Your Petrolia real estate agent knows the area

It is very important if you are going to buy in the Petrolia real estate market that you have a real estate agent that knows Petrolia. Price & Associates Realty has plenty of experience helping people buy homes in Petrolia. It’s part of Lambton-County, but every home is different, and every community is different. So get an expert in Petrolia real estate so you know you are making the right choice.

Don’t be afraid of small-town living

The key to living in a small town is to embrace the town you are in. That’s because it is now your home. Petrolia has plenty of great things about it for a small community. Lots of friendly people, places to visit and things to do. If you need to head into Sarnia, it’s just a quick drive up the highway and you’re in town. But Petrolia has everything you would need there, including grocery stores, pharmacies, doctors, lawyers, restaurants and entertainment options.

Like every place you buy into, take a drive around and see yourself living in the area. This will be your home, so get out of your car and take a walk around. After all, the great thing about Petrolia is that people do that all the time. It’s a getaway town for the people of Lambton County, but it could be your home.