14 Jun 2019

Should You Be Buying One of the Houses for Sale in Sarnia? (Buyer’s Quiz)

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Should You Be Buying One of the Houses for Sale in Sarnia? (Buyer’s Quiz)

Are you a buyer who is thinking of buying one of the houses for sale in Sarnia? If you are, then you probably have a lot of questions, especially if this is your first time buying. It can seem a little overwhelming but with a Sarnia real estate agent, someone is there for you the entire way. However, there are some things buyers should know before entering the market. So, we have made this little quiz for you with some questions you should be asking yourself before buying. And if you don’t know the answers, look towards a real estate agent to help you through the process.

Question 1: What’s the Sarnia real estate market like?

Do you know how busy the real estate market in Sarnia-Lambton is right now? Do you know how competitive it is for buyers? Are you seeing a lot of houses for sale in Sarnia or not many? If you are a buyer, you need to know what the market is like. A busy and hot market, like it is now, means less inventory, fewer houses for sale in Sarnia and less room to negotiate. So, that means you have to be ready to view on a moment’s notice. And you should expect higher prices. Ask your Sarnia real estate agent for market information to get an understanding if it is the right time to buy or not.

Question 2: What is the biggest reason to move?

This question has plenty of answers depending on the reason you give. But the answer is very important. Are you a first-time buyer looking to own your first home? Are you look to add more space because of new additions to the family? Or are you looking to downgrade because your kids have moved out? Those are the classic questions, but even things like wanting to be closer to work and schools, wanting to be in a certain neighbourhood or with a certain style of house are questions to answer. This information is key for your Sarnia real estate agent because it will determine which houses for sale in Sarnia you should view. If you are downsizing, then lots of square footage is not what you want. So, pinpoint the reason you want to move to begin with.

Question 3: How much do you want to spend?

This is the question every homeowner has to ask themselves. That’s because it’s expensive to be a homeowner and you have to be able to afford the place you live in. Some people have dreams bigger than their wallets. So, once you have answered the reason to move, you need to see what you can get for the budget you have. There are plenty of houses for sale in Sarnia, however, there are only so many in your price range. Speak to your mortgage broker or bank and see what you can afford. Don’t go house broke and keep your dreams in reality when looking to buy.

Question 4: How many years are you going to live there?

This question sometimes catches buyers off guard, but it’s one to answer. How long do you expect to live in the house you are going to buy? The reason to answer that question when looking at the houses for sale in Sarnia is that the answer gives you perspective on your choice. If you are going to live in something short term, do you really need to tick off everything on your bucket list? Do you need the walk-in closet, brand new kitchen or two car garages? All these things cost extra and if you are not going to be there long, are these things something you could do without in the short term. Plus, you will want to buy a house in Sarnia that you can sell in a few years when you are ready to upgrade. So, it needs to have appeal to buyers then, as it has to you today.

Question 5: What do you want your neighbourhood to be like?

Where you live is very important. Some people actually don’t think of it that much when looking at houses for sale in Sarnia. They look at the price, the rooms, the layout, the kitchen, but what about what is off the property. After all, the neighbour on the other side of the fence is going to be someone you need to get along with. The street you live in could be a close community. But you may also want some choices near you that you have to think about. What about a park in walking distance for your kids? Or nearby stores and shops? And all that green space people want. It’s important to think when you are buying a home that the street, neighbourhood and people around you matter just as much.

Question 6: Do you want a fixer or move in ready?

If you’re not Mr. and Mrs. Fix-It, then perhaps a fixer-upper isn’t right for you. That’s because renovations can take a toll on people, emotionally, physically and financially. Some people see renovation shows on television and think it’s easy to turn a house into something amazing. But many Sarnia real estate agents have had to talk clients away from going full Property Brothers if they can’t handle the work. Decide before you buy what you are willing to work on, if you are going to pay someone to do the work and how much of your budget will be set for renovations. One problem is that people move in and don’t set aside renovation budgets. Then, when they move in, it’s months or years before they can get around to fixing things. And that leaves them in a house they don’t love. Instead, just dreams of what it could be.

Question 7: What is important to you?

Finally, the question you need to ask yourself is, what is important for you to buy a house. When looking at all the houses for sale in Sarnia, there will be plenty of different options. However, there has to be a list of things you can’t do without. It’s perfectly fine to have a list of must-haves when home buying. Just make sure to tell that list to your Sarnia real estate agent. Don’t leave them in the dark wondering what you are looking for. Make your own list of what is important to you. If you need four bedrooms, then look at houses with four bedrooms or more. Communication is key, and if you are willing to communicate with your real estate agent, your experience will be better.