11 May 2019

Why Are People Not Listing Their Houses for Sale in Sarnia?

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Why Are People Not Listing Their Houses for Sale in Sarnia?

If you are looking for houses for sale in Sarnia right now, you will notice it’s slim pickings. Sarnia-Lambton is still seeing record-setting prices, with Sarnia home sellers earning more than $51.2 million in April. It’s clearly a seller’s market, and buyers are trying to find their next move without a lot of options. But it’s not all because there are just no sellers, in some cases, sellers are afraid to list themselves.

For every person looking to sell, that same person is also looking up houses for sale in Sarnia as well. They have to move somewhere. Unless they are looking at a rental property, apartment, retirement home or leaving the community, they are in the same boat as the buyers.

With inventory problems in the Sarnia real estate market, it’s making some sellers think twice about listing. Sure, they have a great chance at getting top dollar, but after that, it leaves them with plenty of questions. When any seller is ready to list, it has to be the right time for them. And no record-setting market can change that. Because after all, sellers become buyers and are at the mercy of the supply problem. You may be walking by houses for sale in Sarnia and just not know it yet.

I need to find a new house first

The most common problem for a seller is that they need a place to go after their house is no longer theirs. When closing day comes, sellers need to know their furniture is going into another house and not out on the street. So often, what happens is the seller becomes a buyer first and tries to lock down their new property. In a hot Sarnia real estate market, chances are good a house can sell fast. And it will be a lot faster than trying to buy one.

With the Sarnia real estate market seeing record numbers, chances are good you can wait to sell. But you don’t want to wait too long and miss a great opportunity. Go into it with a plan to be an aggressive buyer, checking all the houses for sale in Sarnia you can. Each house you go into is also great research for your own listing. Get an idea of where the market is heading and pick the right time to list.

It’s possible for sellers to make it a condition to purchase a new home before a sale is complete. In this market, a buyer who really wants your house could be willing to wait. It’s a tough call to make and one to talk over with your Sarnia real estate agent. A good rule of thumb is to not count your chickens before their hatch. Or in the Sarnia real estate market, don’t count your offers until you buy.

I want to wait for the right time of year

Many sellers believe spring is the best time to sell a home. Families are getting finished with school and have more free time to move. If it requires changing schools, it won’t affect children this year. Spring is also when sellers can make their home look the best it can. A fresh cut lawn, planted garden, beautiful patio set all looks great in MLS pictures.

Sellers will tend to not put up their houses for sale in Sarnia during winter months, or around special holidays. The truth is, the right time of year is dictated by the market, not the calendar. Remember those record-setting numbers that were set in April? Sarnia has been experiencing them regularly. It’s difficult for first-time homebuyers to get into the market. So they are looking all year round. So is every other eager buyer. Sure, some people don’t want to move in winter months or right before Christmas. However, their Sarnia real estate agent should have told them that in a hot market, you need to always be ready to act. It is true that deals have been done on Christmas eve before.

Let the Sarnia real estate market tell you when to list. If you’re a seller, speak with your Sarnia real estate agent and get a plan. A good marketing plan with a strong agent will get houses for sale in Sarnia turned to sold houses.

It’s cheaper to renovate the house I have

It is hard to argue with a seller who wants to change the cosmetics of their home and keep the memories. More homeowners in Sarnia are taking on renovation projects and staying where they are. For starters, they don’t want to enter the competitive market. Secondly, when they are ready to sell, they can get the most value for their home with new kitchens and bathrooms. Thirdly, if they don’t list, they can enjoy the renovations they put into their own home.

With so many renovation shows on television and ideas on Pinterest, homeowners are taking the challenge. Be mindful, however, of the cost and make it a long-term plan. If your goal is to eventually list your home, don’t add personal touches to renovations. Keep it neutral and something everyone can love and work with. You may like a certain style or design, but when finally listing on the Sarnia MLS system, it might turn off some buyers.

Where to find Houses for Sale in Sarnia?

If you’re a buyer looking for houses for sale in Sarnia, you may have to look far and wide. MLS Sarnia is the obvious choice used by many, so contact a Sarnia real estate agent for help. There may be some For Sale by Owner options available, and social media is growing in options for people to market their homes. More importantly, be prepared to act when a house comes on the market. The right house for sale in Sarnia might only come once every couple of months. Don’t let the time of year, bad renovations or a hot-market stop you from being an active buyer.

Sarnia may be setting record high sales numbers, but there are definitely houses for sale in Sarnia for you. It just may take a little extra work to find it.