11 Jun 2019

Houses For Sale Sarnia: Sellers Tips Before Your List

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Houses For Sale Sarnia: Sellers Tips Before Your List

Thinking of listing and becoming one of the houses for sale Sarnia? Sarnia’s market is hot right now so many people are thinking now is the time to put their home on the market. However, before you do, there are a few things that can and should be done. Your Sarnia real estate agent will guide you through the process, but there are some tips to take into consideration. After all, you want plenty of showings, to get top dollar and a sold sign on the front lawn fast. Let’s look at some tips to think about before you list your home.

How much is my home worth in Sarnia?

Before listing, you have to get a price. Firstly, what are you going to sell your home for? Secondly, with few options of houses for sale Sarnia, it can be hard to come up with the correct price for a listing. However, that’s where a Sarnia real estate agent will be able to help determine your list price. They will look at past listings that have sold, expired, are conditional and on the market and do a proper analysis. From there they will get you a price they feel will work in the market.

Cut the Closet in Half

It’s no secret that buyers will be looking through your closets and storage. That’s because they want to see how much stuff you have in them. An over-packed closet makes it look as if you don’t have enough storage. So, take half the things in your closet and neatly organize what is left. It gives the impression of more space, which is what new buyers are looking for. Be one of the houses for sale Sarnia that is neat and tidy and not one overflowing with clothing that should be put away.

The Brightest Houses for Sale Sarnia Sell

It’s also important to have as much natural light in your house as possible. Open up the windows and the blinds, take down drapes that black out the sun. After all, natural light is something homebuyers are looking for. So, don’t block the light from coming in. And if you are showing during the evening, make sure light shades are clean and lightbulbs are working.

Beware of Dogs

When a Sarnia real estate agent comes to the door, your dog might be the best judge of character. However, they may also scare off buyers. Having a dog jumping on a buyer or barking could take their focus away from your home. Do you want them spending time petting your dog, or looking at the details your house has to offer? Clean up after the dog and cats, clean cat boxes and food bowls, and take them with you during showings.

Don’t Over Do It with the Upgrades

We all get hooked on real estate television shows where they do upgrades and renovations and sell the house for thousands more. And you may think doing upgrades will make your home stand out amongst all the houses for sale Sarnia. However, this isn’t television, and upgrades can be expensive and may not return the investment. Instead, do upgrades that will get results, like a fresh coat of paint, new doors and door handles, cabinet hardware and fix leaks. Instead of tossing a lot of money into a renovation, make your home the best it can be and present well.

Take Yourself Out of Your Home

One important thing to do when trying to sell your home in Sarnia is to take down all the personal touches. That’s because, the more personal things in your house, the fewer buyers will see themselves in the home. It’s that mental notion that this is your home and not theirs and you want them to think of it as theirs. Your time is coming to an end, so rip it off like a band-aid and take down photos and personal items. You have decided to move, so make it warm and inviting to the next homeowner.

Houses for Sale Sarnia Means Kitchens for Sale

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so some Sarnia real estate agents will tell you that you aren’t selling a home, you are selling a kitchen. It can be the most expensive part of the home to upgrade and it will easily cost thousands of dollars. New countertops, cabinets, appliances and backsplash can run high in cost. However, they make the biggest impression with buyers. When they are looking at all the houses for sale Sarnia, they will compare kitchens and you want the best one. If you don’t want to go all out on a kitchen renovation, fresh paint, new hardware on the cabinets and neutral colours will go a long way.

Showtime is Any Time

With a lot of buyers looking at the houses for sale Sarnia, be ready to show at all times. Don’t be the seller that is difficult to schedule a showing for. Be as open as possible with your Sarnia real estate agent and let buyers in as soon as they can. That means keeping your house show-ready all the time. So, before going to bed, tidy up the house, so it’s ready for the morning when you’re at work. Put dirty dishes in the dishwasher, give it a once over before heading out for the day. It may seem like a lot of work, but it only takes one buyer to get an offer. So, keep your house ready so your Sarnia real estate agent can show at any time.

First Impression is the Only Impression

Finally, the best tip any Sarnia real estate agent can give is to make an impression the first time. That’s because you only get one impression. Buyers don’t generally come back for a second look. They walk through and make their decision. You have to sell your home to them in under an hour. Sure, they may come for a second look if they can, but don’t leave it to chance. So, focus also on the curb appeal of your house. Make it so that people driving by have just as good of an impression as those who booked showings. That will drag people in off the street who want to see what the inside looks like with the outside looking so fresh. With all the houses for sale Sarnia, be the house that has people saying “wow” from the moment they pull up.