10 Jul 2019

7 Tips For a Successful Open House Sarnia

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7 Tips For a Successful Open House Sarnia

Open houses are one of the most routine things Sarnia real estate agents do. It’s part of any good marketing strategy to stage an open house as soon as the listing goes up on MLS Sarnia. However, you don’t want to leave much to chance when conducting an open house Sarnia.

And you definitely don’t want to have your Sarnia real estate agent show up to a surprise listing that isn’t ready to show. In order to have a successful open house Sarnia, there is plenty of work that needs to be done on both sides.

For your Sarnia real estate agent, they should:
  • Market the open house on social media and newspaper ads
  • Go live with Facebook and Instagram live features throughout the open house
  • Create a luxury setting for luxury houses to make a lasting impression
  • Set the mood with candles and music

You as the seller, however, have some things to do to help your Sarnia real estate agent have the best showing. So, before they show up to the house, use these tips to ensure your house is open house Sarnia ready.

Don’t hide everything in the closet

Tip #1: Firstly, don’t leave the cleaning to the last minute. Cleaning your home before an open house should be a no brainer. You want to make the best first impression you can to any potential buyers. So, clean the floors, dust and tidy up to make it look amazing inside. But, don’t just throw everything in the closet. That’s because the last thing you want potential buyers to find when they open closet doors is a stack of your junk you couldn’t find a home for.

Messy closets don’t sell homes, so before an open house Sarnia, tuck things away neatly under beds, in luggage or in your car. And think about decluttering before listing to ensure the mess is kept to a minimum.

Erase the smells, responsibly

Tip #2: If you have pets or lingering odour in your home, most people will light a scented candle or spray a room down to clear the smell. It’s a simple and easy solution, but it also could trigger reactions from attendees of your open house Sarnia. Some people don’t like the smell of vanilla. And the overwhelming smell of scented candles can leave some potential buyers wondering what smells you are trying to mask.

Bring in a friend or neighbour and have them take a walk through your home looking for smells. Their nose isn’t accustomed to your normal house smell, so they might be able to point out something foul. Then take steps to eliminate the smell, rather than covering it up. Scrub the walls down, deep clean carpets and remove cat boxes to ensure a buyer is walking in and smelling a fresh home.

Create curb and yard appeal

Tip #3: Every open house Sarnia starts at the curb. There is no question about that. So, make sure the front of your house looks as great as the inside. Make the front door and garage door look fresh with new paint. And clean up walkways, pull weeds and overgrowth from your gardens. And don’t forget the backyard either. That’s because backyards are huge selling features and you don’t want them coming to the end of the tour or looking out the kitchen window at a backyard with piles of leaves and an unkempt lawn.

On the day of the open house Sarnia, freshly cut the lawn and bag the clippings. Then give your plants some water and put away kids toys and extra lawn decoration. Make it as clean and positive as possible for someone coming through.

Check the lightbulbs

Tip #4: When your Sarnia real estate agent comes in, one of the first things they will do is turn on all the lights in each room. Don’t leave the Realtor in the dark because you didn’t change a lightbulb. Go through your house and make sure every bulb is working correctly. If one is out, change the bulb before the open house. The reason is, buyers want to see what the room will look like with every bulb on. So, add it to your checklist of things to change out before your open house takes place.

Keep the driveway clear

Tip #5: On the day of your open house, it’s normal for you to leave the house while it is on. If you have multiple cars, remove them all, leaving the driveway wide open for potential buyers to park. If your street is busy, you don’t want to be making your buyers looking for a place to park and then having them walk to your door. So, keep the driveway open and park at your neighbour’s place for the few hours the open house Sarnia is on. And that also includes the garage. You may want to park in the garage, but if you want to show it off, take the car out and park it on a side street.

Remove your pets

Tip #6: If you can remove your pets from the home during your open house Sarnia, it’s generally a good idea. The last thing you want is a barking dog running to the front door to great potential buyers. They may be dog lovers, but they may also be afraid of them and that could turn them off looking. And you don’t know what your dog will do with strangers going through the house. So, to minimize the stress of pets, including cats, remove them during the open house.

Remove personal items

Tip #7: When buyers come through during an open house Sarnia, they want to visualize themselves in the home. They can’t do that if your photos and personal items are all through the house. That also includes the crayon drawings and report cards that are on the fridge. Buyers can be turned off when they see your home as, well, your home, and not possibly their home. So, it’s best to take down the pictures, which also removes clutter, and any personal touches you have added. Remember, you are selling the home, not your personal decorating service.

Have a successful open house Sarnia

When your home is ready for showing, then let your Sarnia real estate agent do their work. Have it picture ready, because buyers will come in and take more photos. And your Realtor may want to add photos to social media, such as Instagram stories, Snapchat or Facebook. Social media marketing is taking off and doing live hits from the open house Sarnia is a great way to drive traffic. Follow these tips and set yourself up for a very successful open house.