23 Aug 2019

5 House Features That Will Make Buyers Say “I’ll Take It”

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5 House Features That Will Make Buyers Say “I’ll Take It”

Selling Sarnia Real Estate is pretty simple. You have to appeal to the local buyers. When you list your house on MLS Sarnia, you’re opening your door to any potential buyer or investor who wants to purchase your home. And you have to make your best first impression. Many real estate agents will say, you have to make people envision themselves in your home. That’s because it’s no longer your home, it’s going to be their home. We’ve talked before about how to stage your home for open houses, but a quick tidy up can’t make buyers love your home more if it’s missing key features.

Buyer behaviour has changed over the years and people are wanting a lot more in their houses today. So, if you’re going to look to invest in your own property, here are just a few things that appeal to local buyers in the Sarnia real estate market.

Gourmet Kitchen

They say the kitchen is the heart of every home. So, it’s one room in your house that has to have the most appeal. Buyers will quickly walk away if the kitchen doesn’t work for them. No matter how good the rest of the house may be, a kitchen can be getting buyers to say “Next!” quickly. The kitchen is where you entertain guests, prepare dinner and spend a great deal of time in. So, make it stand out with new cabinets, light fixtures and appliances. Some people like stainless steel while others are fine with white. You can’t please everyone, but you can ensure your kitchen looks complete when you’re ready to put your house on the Sarnia real estate market.

Some gourmet kitchens include:

  • Double ovens
  • Stone countertops
  • Spacious pantry
  • Wine cooler
  • Six-burner stovetop
  • Islands

Open Floor Plan

Open concept is what the majority of buyers are looking for. If you have the opportunity to knock down some walls and open a space up, you’re going to attract more buyers when it’s time to sell. Buyers love open floor plans and sightlines. Especially if you have large windows to allow in plenty of natural light. The idea of each room having its own walls is fading, and now it’s more about each room having its own space in an open floor plan. Buyers love the idea that you can be cooking in the kitchen but still see children playing in the living room. And that is even better for entertaining and parties, as you can maximize the entire open space. But before you start swinging a hammer and opening walls, make sure it’s structurally sound and not holding up your house. Contact a contractor before this renovation.

Backyard Deck

When someone finally buys in the Sarnia real estate market, they are buying the privacy of their own backyard. Many homeowners take great pride in their backyard and outdoor space. It’s their own little oasis. So, having a great backyard deck and outdoor space will easily have buyers saying, “I’ll take it” more often. When looking at building a deck, think of the materials you will use, and the maintenance involved. And think of maybe offering a split-level deck, so there is a place for dining and a place for lounging.

Things to consider when building an outdoor space:

  • Transition steps from the deck to the grass are important for accessibility
  • Create privacy with a deck that doesn’t allow the neighbours to peer in
  • The colour of the deck should work with the house colour
  • Add water features or fire features to add additional elements
  • Have a dedicated cooking area, with perhaps an outdoor kitchen and fridge
  • Ensure plenty of space for furniture

Vegetable Gardens

While you’re improving your deck, think about adding a vegetable garden as well to your outdoor space. More and more people are starting to grow their own food and herbs in their backyard. Some people even are buying city plots to build vegetable gardens so they can have fresh produce. So, add a garden to your Sarnia real estate listing and have buyers saying, “I’ll take it”. Ensure, however, that the gardens are the proper size, and that they get the right amount of sunlight. And be careful of how many boxes you install and where you install them. Not every buyer is going to appreciate their backyard being taken up by boxes for vegetables when what they want is lush green grass.

Regional Accommodations

Think about where you live. The Sarnia real estate market is located right near bodies of water from the Great Lakes and is in the southern part of Southern Ontario. That means it gets hot and humid very quickly. Sarnia has been lucky to avoid major tornadoes, and mass rainfall from hurricanes does come through during bad hurricane seasons in the United States. So, as a homeowner, think about where you are and what your buyers will need to live in Sarnia. Central air conditioning is generally on top of that list of wants by buyers. While they can always be added, some buyers won’t even look at a home that doesn’t have central air already in. And with that, consider your insulation as well, because you don’t want to have a high-end furnace and all the hot air goes through your walls.

Sarnia Real Estate Buyers Know What They Want

There are plenty of aspects you can change about your home before listing it on MLS Sarnia. The most important thing is, make sure other people are going to enjoy them as well. You want to add potential to your home, not turn buyers away. If you’re thinking of doing renovations, ask yourself the question, “How long am I going to be here for?”. You may think you’re doing it for you, but really, you have to be thinking of the future Mr. and Mrs. Buyer who are going to be living in your house in a few years.