Pricing Your Home Correctly Has MLS Advantages (Get It Sold!)

Getting the price right has its advantages when listing on MLS. Getting it sold quicker is just one of them! read more →

5 House Features That Will Make Buyers Say “I’ll Take It”

Have buyers saying “I’ll Take It” when they walk into your home and see these features. read more →

Buyers, It’s Time To Get Your Own Sarnia Realtor!

Buyers, It’s Time To Get Your Own Sarnia Realtor! Many people look at listings on MLS Sarnia and call the listing agent for a showing. Or, they show up to an open house and when they are ready to put an offer in, they use the same listing agent. There are no rules saying you.. read more →

15 Aug 2019
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Buyer Beware: Is Your Future Home Haunted?

Buyer Beware! Your Sarnia real estate investment could be haunted! Or have other defects the seller didn’t disclose. Know what to look for when buying! read more →

7 Tips For a Successful Open House Sarnia

Holding an open house in Sarnia? Here are 7 tips you as the seller should consider before your Sarnia real estate agent opens the door to the public. read more →

5 Essential Financial Tips Every Homebuyer Should Know

Are you looking at houses for sale in Sarnia? Are you ready for the financial commitment home ownership is? Here are some financial tips to consider before purchasing your first home. read more →

5 Ways Sarnia Real Estate Agents Can Help First-Time Homebuyers

First-time homebuyers need the help of a Sarnia real estate agent to help guide them through the buying process. Here are 5 ways they can help. read more →

18 Jun 2019
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Sarnia Real Estate Considerations When Buying a Home

When considering buying Sarnia real estate, there are a few things you should consider beyond what you would typically think of. read more →

15 May 2019
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Why Are People Not Listing Their Houses for Sale in Sarnia?

Why are sellers afraid to put up their houses for sale in Sarnia right now? There are a few trends that even they worry about in this market. read more →

What can Buyers do in Hot Sarnia-Lambton Real Estate Market?

What can Buyers do in Hot Sarnia-Lambton Real Estate Market? Sarnia-Lambton Market Breaking Records The Sarnia-Lambton real estate market is hot. Throughout the winter, it has hit plenty of highs. In February, for example, over $35 million in total sales volume was reported, a record for the month. And it doesn’t seem to be slowing.. read more →

30 Apr 2019
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