18 Jun 2019

5 Ways Sarnia Real Estate Agents Can Help First-Time Homebuyers

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5 Ways a Sarnia Real Estate Agent Can Help First-Time Homebuyers

For a first-time homebuyer, buying their first house or condo can be a difficult job. A skilled Saria real estate agent can help navigate the path to a successful purchase. And more importantly, give that first-time homebuyer the education they need in the future. It’s one of the skills you don’t acquire until you actually do it. So, at Price & Associates Realty, we make sure our first-time homebuyers know the ins and outs of buying. Especially in this busy Sarnia real estate market.

In fact, that is one of our main giveaways when working with buyers. After all, we want you to gain an education in the buying process. That’s because buying a home is not easy and you need to be educated in doing so. We have already detailed the kinds of closing costs first-time homebuyers should expect, however, there is more to know.

Keys to working with a Sarnia real estate agent

The secret is working with a Sarnia real estate agent that is honest, open with communication, and will guide you through the process. Above all, first-time homebuyers put a lot of trust in the real estate agent they work with. So, we want to make sure from the start that we are helping you on your way to buying your first home. Here are ways a skilled Sarnia real estate agent can help a first-time homebuyer in Sarnia.

A Textbook of Answers

Unquestionably, first-time homebuyers will have plenty of questions to ask over the entire process. First, they may even ask you why they should be using a Sarnia real estate agent in the first place. Secondly, what services the real estate agent will provide.

Third, how much it will cost and finally, how will they help. It’s a lot of questions, and that’s even before viewing houses. Once the door opens, first-time homebuyers are counting on the real estate agent to know what to look for. That’s because it’s an entirely different situation looking at houses you want to purchase than the one you may rent.

First-time homebuyers should make a list of everything they want in their home. And then a good Sarnia real estate agent will help narrow that list down and find houses in that price range. After all, the goal is to get these buyers into a home that won’t overburden them with repairs and renovations. Unless of course, they can handle that kind of early work. If you have questions, ask your real estate agent. There are no wrong questions. And every question is more education for young homebuyers.

Find an Honest Sarnia Real Estate Agent

If you are going to ask a lot of questions, you should expect an honest answer. The thing is, you may not like the answer. However, when it comes to buying a home, you want the truth. A skilled Sarnia real estate agent will always tell their client the truth. You don’t want a yes-man as it were. That real estate agent doesn’t have your best interest at heart.

A real estate agent who isn’t afraid to tell their clients the truth is one worth keeping. Honesty is such an integral part of the client and the real estate agent relationship. So much so, Realtors can get in serious legal trouble if they lie to their clients. It’s better to be told that the house of your dreams is a lemon because your real estate agent told you the truth than to find out after you have already moved in.

The Home Buying Experience

Real estate is the largest purchase anyone will make. That’s the truth. However, just because there are thousands of dollars in play, large payments and big investments, doesn’t mean it can be an enjoyable experience. And that means from beginning to end. An experienced Sarnia real estate agent will be with their clients from the beginning to the very end. They will be that one constant person through the entire experience.

If the real estate agent stays calm and cool, the first-time buyer will as well. If you’re looking at buying your first home, find a Sarnia real estate agent that will deliver a great experience from the start. A good real estate agent will be a wealth of knowledge and have recommendations for you for the people you will need to get a sale complete.

Avoid the Pitfalls of Real Estate

There are many questions first-time homebuyers will ask. But there are also many they will forget. So, it’s up to a skilled Sarnia real estate agent to guide their buyer through the process and help them avoid pitfalls. If you’re that buyer, go in with questions like what the neighbourhood is like, what schools are in the area, if there is crime, transportation options and entertainment options. These pitfalls are things your Sarnia real estate agent can find out for you. As well, they can look into a house for sale and point out the issues of concern that may be costly in the future.

Also, new buyers may not be aware of financial pitfalls that come with owning a home. An experienced Sarnia real estate agent will be ready to point those out as well. Things like gardening supplies, property taxes, utility bills, and all the costs of owning a home. It doesn’t just end at your mortgage payment.

With You Through the Closing and Beyond

As mentioned, a Sarnia real estate agent should be with you through to the closing. And more than likely, beyond. Lean on your Realtor to get legal matters in process with your lawyer and ensure a smooth transition of the property. Buying a house is emotional and a long process, so get a Sarnia real estate agent that is with you through to the finish line. But also get one that is still in contact with you even after the closing date. Just because the deal ends, that doesn’t mean you can’t still ask questions. If there are concerns with your property, don’t be afraid to call and find out some answers. That’s because a real estate agent will continue to be by your side through this home purchase and the next one.